Official statement regarding the disqualification of papahellfans from Clash of Leagues 2021

Last night was the third game day for the Clash of Leagues group stage. The team papahellfans didn’t show up to their games after continued delay during the pick/ban phase in the past matches. Opportunities were given to papahellfans to provide an explanation, but they declined to respond. After careful investigation, we have decided to disqualify papahellfans from Clash of Leagues. All played and future matches will count as a 2:0 default win for their opponents, regardless of their actual result.

CoL will always strive for a fair and professional competition for all participants, which means that there is no place for continued unexplained delays, absence from official matches and a major lack of communication.

We thank all of you for your support for Clash of Leagues and promise you to continue delivering the best Brawl Stars esports experience we can.

Your Clash of Leagues Team