SK Gaming win Clash of Leagues 2021

SK Gaming did it again and secured their first ever Brawl Stars LAN title. This June five European eSport leagues joined together to start the ultimate Brawl Stars tournament – Clash of Leagues. 70 teams from over 15 CEE countries competed in the group stage but not all of them could advance to the next stage. Last weekend, at the debut of LEVEL UP – The Gaming Arena in Salzburg Europe’s Top 4 fought for the international title in a thrilling offline finale.

The finalists

SK Gaming, Noble Elite Black, BIG and Chernobyl Dribblers dominated the playoffs and qualified for the first ever offline event since the start of the pandemic. For many players the final at Level Up in Salzburg was the first LAN ever.

The first semi final match on stage was SK Gaming versus Noble Elite Black. SK Gaming, who already qualified for the Brawl Stars Championship World Finals, were definitely the favourites.They looked dominant throughout the season, showing strong performances against Bulgarian Pros and Platoon in the playoffs. With one of their key players Jeton falling ill few days before the finals, they had to sub in their coach Pedro Guijarro giving them a huge disadvantage. Despite the substitute and Noble Elite’s Knockout pick they could show their individual power and take home a solid 3:0 win.
Second match of the day was BIG versus Chernobyl dribblers, the A1 eSports League Austria runner-ups against the Bulgarian powerhouse from A1 Gaming League. With the addition of the French star player Eqwaak, BIG reached new heights in Brawl Stars. No wonder they advanced to the finals without breaking a sweat winning 3:0 against Chernobyl dribblers.

The duel of fates

SK Gaming versus BIG, a duel of two veteran esports organizations who have been supporting young talents for years and boosting their skills to the max. The fight was supposed to be close but with Pedro subbing in for Jeton it got even closer. After a hefty exchange of blows the teams were tied 2:2 after 4 sets going into Siege as deciding game mode. While BIG took the early lead, SK Gaming could strike back in game two, with a confident bot push. With a 4 bolt difference and the mid controll Pedro, Symantec and SkyrikZz started the rush for the last siege. They baited their opponents into playing unsafe securing the bot and ultimately the title!
SK Gaming are your first Clash of Leagues Champions. GG WP